As an Enrolled Agent, Madeleine Lewis knows a business’s tax challenges and has the expertise to meet those challenges. Madeleine prepares returns that minimize taxes owed, by constantly monitoring what is happening with the IRS and state laws. She knows about law changes, new regulations and court rulings. This knowledge is applied to your circumstances. Continuous education is important to that end. In order to keep you up to date on the latest developments, Madeleine and her staff regularly attend IRS-approved continuing education classes.

Strategically Planning Your Financial Future

You want success! Madeleine and her team help you plan for that success. By analyzing your financial data, she can give you an accurate picture of your current financial situation and prepare a tax plan to minimize taxes and maximize cash flow.

No two income tax filings are alike. Filing your own taxes can be confusing. The laws are complicated and ever-changing with new tax legislation passing regularly.  Madeleine keeps abreast of new laws and keeps you in compliance. Not only is the tax law a moving target, but if you are like most Americans, your personal circumstances are also constantly changing. It is critically important to have an expert at your side who stays up to date on the law and knows your circumstances well enough to apply the law with your best interests at heart.  Madeleine Lewis knows tax law and successfully navigates both the IRS and state tax law mazes, so you don’t have to. 

Ultimately, she looks at every aspect of your tax situation and makes sure you are best positioned to keep your tax burden to a minimum. Beyond preparing taxes, Madeleine is proactive when it comes to tax planning. She masterfully strategizes your tax plan and ensures that existing laws are appropriately applied to your individual needs, now and into the future. Planning for the future includes estate, trust, and gift preparation, all vital pieces to life’s puzzle.

So, you have a choice…navigate the tax maze by yourself and take your chances, or partner with an experienced and caring professional team who know the law inside and out!


Two decades of service to taxpayers has enabled our Managing Partner, Madeleine Lewis to see her clients’ tax situations with a broad perspective while staying laser-focused on the details that come together to build a superb tax plan.

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