Tax Concierge makes it easy to pay.  We can have your taxes directly debited from your bank account at no additional fee, or arrange for credit card payment directly with the IRS or your state (fee applies).

There are many options when a taxpayer finds him or herself in this position. At Tax Concierge we are experts at establishing Installment Agreements that fit your budget.  If an Installment Agreement to full-pay your taxes is not within your budget, we will explore other resolution options such as working with the IRS to deem your account currently uncollectable, or negotiating an Offer In Compromise to settle your tax debt for less than the amount you owe.

Refund timing is an inexact science.  Based on experience, we can estimate that barring an extraordinary circumstance, Federal refunds are generally issued ten to fifteen days after filing.

Not here, you can’t. Why? Because the firms who advertise quick refunds are actually giving you a loan in advance of receiving your refund.  The costs associated with that are exorbitant, and frankly, unethical. To offer that service, we would have to charge fees that amount to usury. We won’t do that.

Yes. As long as you do not have back taxes or other leins in place against your refund, you can choose to have your tax prep fee taken directly from your refund. The company who facilitates this for us charges a fee of $59.99 for this service. 

Yes. Whether you are overseas working for a US company, a foreign company, or are self-employed, Tax Concierge has the tax expertise to handle your tax preparation and tax planning needs.

Yes, we are experienced in all aspects of cryptocurrency reporting. The IRS is aggressively pursuing non-filers who have traded in virtual currency, so don’t ignore it!