No two income tax filings are alike. Filing your own taxes can be confusing. The laws are complicated and constantly changing: new tax legislation is passed regularly. Madeleine keeps abreast of new laws and keeps you in compliance. Not only is the tax law a moving target, but if you are like most Americans, your personal circumstances are also constantly changing. It is critically important to have an expert at your side who stays up-to-date on the law and knows your circumstances well enough to apply the law with your best interests at heart.  Madeleine Lewis knows tax law and successfully navigates both the IRS and state tax law codes so you don’t have to.

Ultimately, she looks at every aspect of your tax situation and makes sure you are best positioned to keep your tax burden to a minimum.

Beyond preparing taxes, Madeline is proactive when it comes to tax planning. She masterfully strategizes your tax plan and ensures that existing laws are appropriately applied to your individual needs, now and into the future.

Take the pain out of wearisome and tedious income tax preparation. Stop stressing over keeping up with new tax laws.